Rebalance With Reiki

Reiki Practitioner


Existing Website Review, Re-design & Build


Caroline had made a good start on her website within WIX, but had got to the point where she was getting frustrated with the time it was taking. Caroline enlisted the services of Emma Davis, Brand & Marketing Consultant to help her with her direction and brand identity. Emma then approached me to look at the website, incorporating the new branding. I researched Reiki and discussed with Caroline that a lot of potential customers may be unclear that Reiki was something that they actually would benefit from. We therefore decided to lead with the idea of the types of "problems" people may have that Reiki could alleviate. This helps to really resonate with the user and capture their attention. We worked out a simple customer journey and I created a new design, incorporating the new brand identity elements.


Emma Davis - Brand Identity

Alison Burrows - Photography

" Really happy with it. It’s amazing when you see your branding come together in flyers and websites when you start from scratch!"

Caroline Gruselle

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Reiki In Hertford   Rebalance With Reiki
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