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The lovely Jen and Carrie came to me as like many other clients, they just didn't have the time or skills to commit to their website. They had relied on Instagram and Facebook for their orders and workshop bookings but they wanted to be able to do this all from a shiny new website. I carried out research and started a website review on the site they had begun. I then began to redesign the site with the customer at the forefront. It needed to be clean and simple, clearly showcasing the various personalisation options. As they have a lot of different workshop dates throughout the year, we also decided that it would be nice to start building a mailing list so that they can eventually start sending out reminders to their loyal customers. I designed an email sign up, whereby the user would get a free delivery code immediately to their inbox. I loved working on this project and immediately placed their first ever order!

" Lots of thanks to digital queen Sarah for working her magic!!"

Carrie & Jen

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