Top 10 WIX Website Hacks

Back by popular demand! I know i've already blogged about this, but i'm adding some new ones to the list!

Keyboard Shortcuts

I find that the thing I love about WIX is that you can edit your site right there in-situ, as if you were creating a Word document or PowerPoint. Often, on other platforms, you are having to edit your site on a completely separate page, making it very difficult to see what you're doing / creating.

With this ability to edit the site in-situ, comes the ability to use keyboard shortcuts! And here are some that you should be using:

Copy & Paste (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V)

Ctrl + M (Command M): Browse between your elements.

Ctrl + J (Command J): Switch between mobile & desktop view.

Ctrl + D (Command D): Duplicate.

Ctrl + P (Command P): Preview your site.

Ctrl + S (Command S): Save your site.

Update your theme

This has moved since my last blog post, and I still think this is vitally important when setting up your WIX website. It helps keep your branding consistent and saves you time. After all, who wants to be editing every single bit of text they add and searching through a mega list of fonts to try and keep them all consistent?

Once you've updated your website's theme, the only text you'll add will be on-brand and consistent and your colour palette will be there at a touch of a button.

Zoom out and re-order

WIX has a little button in the top right (image below) that allows you to zoom-out of your site and re-order the different sections. This can be a massive time saver, so that you're not having to drag blocks around and potentially disrupt other content on the page.

Get feedback

If you want some feedback on your website before it goes live (something I hugely recommend!), did you know that WIX offers a special secret link that you can send on to people? It allows people to have a special preview of your site and leave specific feedback notes on specific area of your site.

This is SO useful because you can exactly where your reviewer is giving you feedback and you don't have to spend extra time trying to guess which page or section they mean.

Create dynamic scrolling effects

Website backgrounds don't have to be static and plain. Backgrounds can be vibrant and exciting, and they can impact your site’s overall design greatly, giving it greater depth and enjoyment. Parallax scrolling effects add a dynamic layer to your website’s background or to the background of specific strips.

Simply click on a "strip" and play around with the animation options. Remember to be subtle though - you don't want to go overboard and put people off with how overwhelming it's become.

Use strips

When I design my WIX website I use "strips". Strips split up your site into full-width horizontal rectangular blocks, and help to give your site structure and purpose. You can then divide these strips into "columns" to create more space and horizontal layouts for your page.

Get a FREE domain

Don't buy your domain name before you start your WIX site, because you'll get one for FREE for the first year. Obviously the saving is a big selling point, but so much can be said for having everything in one place. It can be quite time consuming trying to remember various logins for different accounts. Keep it all together!

Hold out for a sale

I feel like there is a sale literally every other day, so if you go to pay for your premium WIX upgrade and there's no sale on, consider holding out another day or two, as you could save yourself a massive 50% (which is a big deal for a small business!)

Change the opacity

Biggest pet hate. I can't stand it when text is placed over an image but the image is so bright you can't read the text. Ensure you have enough contrast between the text and the image by going into the settings here and changing it:

Align your content

Symmetry and alignment are extremely important in creating a professional website and should not be overlooked.

WIX has got you covered and can help you achieve this with its "alignment tool". It lets you position and adjust items whilst keeping them parallel and straight with each other.

To find the tool, simple select all the items you want to align and then click the little icon you can see below alongside "edit text". You can also use the toolbar feature to do the same thing!

If you found this useful please do share with other small businesses. You can use the graphics below if you'd like:


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