My Top 10 Online Business Resources

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

To the point, and in a nutshell, these are the tools I use on a daily basis to keep my business going! There's so much out there nowadays, and these are some of my faves:

1. CANVA - Can't live without this! It basically allows you to do what it says on the tin - "Design Anything". I wish I had invented it.

2. CREATIVE MARKET - A market of over 4 million different design assets - fonts, graphics, images and more to help bring projects (and for me - websites) to life! I particularly love that when you sign up you get 6 FREE assets each month - it's pot luck, but I always seem to get something useful!

3. UNSPLASH - Source for FREE stock imagery. Always my go-to and more often than not I find the perfect image.

4. FLAT ICON - A place to find thousands of free icons. Again, really helpful for web design and filling in gaps when imagery doesn't quite work.

5. UBERSUGGEST - Useful keyword tool - It can help you generate relevant keywords to help with your SEO, content and marketing.

6. STYLED STOCK - A Place you can find both FREE and paid-for "styled" photography. There are some great, more feminine shots, of styled desk spaces and flat-lays. Ideal for all of those insta posts!

7. PLANOLY - I'm not actually scheduling as many posts as I used to do, as I prefer to just post when I feel like it, and about things that randomly pop into my head. However, I do still schedule some posts, especially if I want them to "go-live" before I've woken up! I've found Planoly to be the best for me, but I know there are loads out there!

8. TRELLO - Trello is basically a list-making application. If you've got a thousand things on your mind and a million to do lists, then this easy-to-use layout helps you organise everything clearly and neatly. You can have multiple lists all alongside each other, and it has numerous handy "add-ons" you can either buy or get for free to help with productivity.

9. Mo Show app - I don't use this one enough, but it's basically a mobile app that helps you create cool styled slideshow-style videos, using your images. I created my IGTV video on the use of LinkTrees (over on my insta) using this app and it was easy to use and helps you be super creative!

10. Kirakira+ app - Again, I don't need this all the time, but for AGES I wondered how people were getting that "sparkle" effect on their Instagram stories. This app will put various different filters on your images and videos that highlight shiny objects and make them really sparkle. Perfect for any clothing, jewellery or I-just-wanna-sparkle businesses out there!


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