My Story

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

My first ever blog post! Be gentle with me, don't judge. Instead of a long winded "About Me" page I thought I'd simply tell you the story of how I got to be where I am today.

So here it goes...

I actually stumbled into a digital career after University. I had no idea what I wanted to do after my “business degree” (whatever that means). I was offered a job at a local printing business, and because I’d done a "business degree" they thought they’d let me launch their printing services online (a 21 year old just out of uni, with no clue. Were they mad!?!).

I actually did a pretty good job and it pathed the way for my digital career, it gave me a direction.

A long long time ago at University (2004)

I had multiple digital jobs (never really fully knowing what I was doing), but got my big break at the Tesco head office (where I met my now husband.. ahhh). From then on I learned quickly that I wanted to be part of the design process of a website, I wanted to get behind the psychology of what drives people and how they interact with it, so after numerous roles and positions I quickly went straight to contracting in User Experience design. I moved to Madrid for 6 months and basically went from knowing nothing, to being thrown in at the deep end as a contractor, in the heart of Madrid, with rooms full of people, speaking only Spanish (I do not speak Spanish).

I was living the contracting high life and then BOOM I got married and became immediately pregnant with our little boy Toby.

Now, I absolutely adored being pregnant with Toby. I had no problems with the pregnancy, everything was dreamy and I decided that I would love to be a stay-at-home mum. In fact, I longed for it and I couldn’t think of anything worse than this endless hustle of having to find contract after contract and working for someone else. I finished the last day of my last contract before Toby was born and I actually had a “I am never going to work again” celebration. I was ready, I was ready for the stay-at-home mum lifestyle.

And then my beautiful baby boy was born. And my gosh did I love him, I loved him more than anything.

Little Tobes born 19th December

But... wasn’t what I had expected. I was immediately depressed. I put it down to the bad treatment I received at the hospital, but I know now that It was post natal depression. I was a relatively young mum (in this day and age) at 26 and no one else around me was having children yet, so I felt alone. I felt alone and so so lost. And, do you know what? I don’t mind talking about it. This surprises people, it makes people feel uncomfortable. Even now, where we're all shouted at on social media to “talk about our feelings” and “ not hide”. It seems that every time I tell someone that I had it they look uncomfortable and want me to change the subject.

I smiled, but the first 3 months were some of the most difficult i've ever experienced

I knew pretty quickly that the stay-at-home life was not going to be for me. It got to the point where I wanted some semblance of my old life back. I wanted adult company again, and I wanted to use my brain. I was extremely lucky to be able to go back to the agency I had worked for whilst pregnant, and they allowed me to work 3 or 4 days.

It was perfect, it was flexible, but I realise now how lucky I actually was.

When my second child Poppy came along, I was in a completely different place. I embraced it, I already loved being a parent and I loved it even more when she joined the family. This time I could really see myself being a stay-at-home mum...but we needed my extra income, and so soon enough our thoughts turned back to me finding a job again.