5 Wix Website Design Hacks You Need To Know About!

I want to share the top 5 things that I believe will help with your Wix website design.

If I'm ever doing a Wix website design refresh, these are some of the typical things that I notice haven't been done or used properly, so here's how you could be setting yourself up for success...

Stay inside the grid lines

Within the wix editor there are dotted grid lines. It is important to place all of your site's content inside these vertical gridlines to ensure it works across different browsers and devices. If you place things outside of these gridlines, then it is highly likely that that content won't be visible on smaller screens - such as small laptops and tablets.

Now you can place images outside of these guidelines, because it isn't as important and doesn't matter as much if this gets chopped off. However, all key content such as copy, links and buttons must be placed inside of these lines.

Use the "drag" arrows

Wix has a handy little tool that ensures all of your content stays neat and tidy and aligned.

Say you've finished your page but you want to add in a new section right in the middle. Instead of moving everything around and potentially risking over-lapping items and messing everything up, simply use the hand "drag" tool.

Here's an example of it in action:

Set up the colours

As soon as you start creating your new site, even if you have picked a "theme" template to start from (I tend to start mine with a blank canvas), make sure you update the "theme manager" with your own brand colours.

This ensures that, even if you miss a page or an element, your brand colours will be used throughout - rather than the "theme" colours. It also means that your colours are there when you need them and easily usable.

If you don't add them here, then you'll find that you are constantly having to add them, which makes lots of room for errors and mistakes (plus it's just arduous!)

Edit your colour themes here

You'll want to add the "hex code" so ensure you have this from your brand designer

Set up your brand fonts

If you use a specific font or have a set guideline of brand fonts you use for your business, then ensure you set these up when you start your Wix website. Just as with the colours, it will ensure that everything on your site is using your own branding, and will stop you ending up with all kinds of random fonts all over the website.

You will want to start by adding some text. Then double-click to edit that text and go through each of the "themes" (i.e. Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2 etc). For each theme you choose, make the text how you'd like it. For example, I tend to choose a 40px font for "Heading 1" , then slowly reduce the size as I go down the different headings. Then for "Paragraph 1" I choose a 16px font.

Make each style how you'd like it and click "save theme" each time. That way the whole suit of text styles will match what you want for your brand. Take a look at this short video to show you how to do this:

Label your images for SEO

Every time you add a new image to the Wix editor, ensure you label it using your keywords! So often I see images that are simply called "JPG-5456-23232-434343.jpg" and this does absolutely nothing for your SEO. Every single image should be labelled.

You can do this in numerous places within Wix, here are a few places:

If you found this useful please do share with other small businesses. You can use the graphics below if you'd like:


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