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Website refresh and updates


Wes Marshall, physio, came to me as he had been selling a very successful product called Neck Saviour for a while and he thought that his website deserved a refresh. They had created the website in Shopify but over time had added in more and more functionality and so needed to call on the services of various people on Fiverr to shoe-horn this content in.  This had resulted in quite a confusing customer journey and highly cluttered pages, so he wanted this looked at and everything updated so that it all made more sense to the customer. 

We started off with a full website strategy workshop with the entire Neck Saviour team.  This involved going through key questions such as the objectives of the website, defining the customers, and ideas on how to hook these customers in and ensure they convert.  

I then used their own Shopify account to create a new website with a new "theme".  I picked a "paid-for" theme to ensure the layout and structure suited the navigation and page journey they needed. 

"We couldn't be happier with the new website that Sarah created for us. It is clean, looks fantastic and works perfectly. We have already seen a very significant increase in conversions. Sarah's experience in website creation and her understanding of the importance of 'user experience' is invaluable."

Wes Marshall - Neck Saviour

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