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Jess came to me wanting a refresh of her website to allow for her to introduce a brand spanking new members area.  Jess had decided that she wanted to use a mixture of Member Space and Community Box in order to organise her memberships.  WIX doesn't offer complex enough functionality for what she required, so instead we worked together to integrate all of the systems together. Now Jess has a great membership area that her ladies can log into and see member-only resources, as well as browse through the really useful directory (populated by Community Box).  I worked alongside my partners Claire and Emma to bring all of her re-brand together and ensure everything flowed effectively throughout the refreshed website.

Sarah was responsible for a refresh of my women's business community website - the mama hive. She overhauled the look and feel of the site, and the UX from start to finish creating the perfect 'shop window' for prospective new members. She also integrated a new back-end system for members, designed a brand new members only area, and the launch of our new members directory.

She is incredibly organised and experienced in working with small businesses, and went above and beyond to ensure that the final site massively exceeded my expectations. I now have a site that is professional, slick, easy to navigate and also looks incredible.

Thank you so much Sarah for all your hard work - if you are looking for a web designer then you MUST book her.

Jess Sizeland

community website design | website design | Hertfordshire
community website design | website design | Hertfordshire
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community website design | website design | Hertfordshire