Luxury travel specialist and influencer


Campaign Landing Page​


I have been working with Rachael for a while now on both her digital strategy and future brand planning but when she was faced with 4 weeks away with the family and no way of easily keeping track of all of her network Marketing sign up requests, she came to me for help creating a campaign landing page. She needed somewhere for all of her potential "sign-ups" to find the information they needed on her Travel Agent opportunity. She was frustrated with sending people to several different places to find answers to their questions; so I proposed housing all of the information on one clear page with a 1-page funnel flow. We set up an easy data capture form to collect people's information so that Rachael could keep track whilst away in the sun!

" Oh wow that's incredible! Absolutely perfect. They can swipe up to that from their mobiles? That's perfect, thank you so much! "

Rachael Lalji

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