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I worked on this project with my two partners Emma and Claire. After a stunning job had been done on the vision, story and branding for Hope Health, I came on board to develop the website for Hope Health. This was a very poignant project as it was my first within lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic and was very close to my heart, with promoting mental health and workplace wellbeing. With such stunning branding and such a clear brief and vision this project was lovely to work on.  I translated the brief and art direction provided by Emma and the stunning design elements provided by Claire into a clean, simple and easy to use website. The challenge was the number and breadth of amazing services that Nicole provides, and ensuring that these were all understood and flowed from a user journey perspective. The branding is what makes this website so stunning, and it's always a great project when I work with my mini team.


Emma Davis - Brand Identity / Website Content & Copy / Website Art Direction

Claire Stagg - Brand Design

Sarah produced me a beautiful website which I am proud to promote. The whole process was slick and easy and Sarah’s knowledge of user experience shone through throughout the build and creation. You don’t often get the UX experience with every website designer you come across so this was so valuable. A pleasure to work with.

Nicole O'Callaghan

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