Requirements Workshop, Website Design & Build


I started off this project with one of my two hour requirements gathering / strategy workshops.  These are ideal if you aren't 100% certain on what it is you want to offer on your website or how you want to position it.  Often people are still in the organisation / ideation stage and therefore need some extra support and guidance on how their products and services could translate onto a website.  How their customers could expect to browse through their content and most importantly to ensure all of the possible journeys make sense to the specific customer.  After completing the 2 hour workshop with the whole team, I was able to write up all of the requirements for the site, and put them into a website structure.  I designed two customer "personas" so that we knew who the website was being designed for, and I listed out the key objectives and goals of the site and how these could be displayed.  I then did several wireframe mock ups of the key pages throughout the key journeys. We agreed on these and I then designed the website based on all of the workshop findings and the initial mock ups. Below you can see the transition from wireframe to design. 

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At Dare to Dream, I build websites for small business entrepreneurs that work. My mission is to provide both the customer and the business with the results they desire by designing & building effective websites to increase sales leads and drive conversions.

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