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Emma had been putting off designing her own website for ages as she was finding that she had too much of her own client work to focus on. I took the hassle away from her and by using her stunning bold branding and beautiful photography, I designed a clean and impactful website to showcase her client services. We met and discussed her different customer types and I recommended that she take her two different types of customers via a different navigation on her website so that they would only see content that is relevant to them. It also helped to focus on the problem her typical customers might have rather than leading with the solution. Her target market is small businesses and sometimes they don't realise that a certain solution could fix their problem.

Sarah built my new website and I am absolutely thrilled with it. She really spent time understanding my services and how my clients come to find me and built the site from that insight ensuring the customer journey flowed easily. It’s very easy to navigate and you can really see Sarah’s UX and design experience come through. I have used Sarah on two other client projects and all are delighted with the results. The process is always smooth and Sarah directs you on what she needs and when to make it seamless and hassle free. I have now featured Sarah on my own site as a business partner for my future client work and I look forward to working on lots of other projects together!

Emma Davis

consultant website design | website design | Hertfordshire
consultant website design | website design | Hertfordshireeting_Consultant_Emma_Davis_He
consultant website design | website design | Hertfordshire