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Graphic Designer


Website Design & Build


This was a nerve wracking one for me! The daunting task of designing a website for a graphic designer! Claire had a great vision of what she wanted, so we worked together on the look and feel, with her providing me with design page templates of the layout for the key pages. This was a fantastic project to work on as the branding was so bold and colourful!


Claire Stagg - Brand Design

Alison Burrows - Photography

Sarah designed my website last year and she was excellent, as a graphic designer I have worked with a lot of web designers before and am particularly fussy! Sarah is head and shoulders above the rest.

Sarah brings an extra level to web design through her UX experience, this means my website not only looks amazing but works for my clients too.

I also work with Sarah on branding projects and she always ensures the look and feel of the sites are in-line with the brand guidelines, I always feel the branding comes alive once Sarah produces the website.

I would highly recommend Sarah for any web design project.

Claire Stagg