Baby Bloomers

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Website Audit and Improvement Recommendations


I worked with the Founder, Stephanie over the Summer to provide some improvement recommendations to her retail website. She had done a great job creating the site on Shopify but it needed some basic ‘best practice’ upgrades. We introduced more prominence to the headline banner at the top of the page and the main "shop now" button so that it really stood out. We also highlighted more product images so that people could get a real feel for the beautiful items.

A year later Stephanie and I worked together again and I made further improvements to the website. I refreshed the homepage by adding some beautiful new photography and arranged the category sections so that they were larger and more inspirational. I improved the look and feel of the product pages by making copy, fonts and colours consistent throughout.

Sarah completely understood what I was aiming to achieve and transformed my website into a dynamic and user friendly retail site. I was so impressed and would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to take their digital presence to the next level

Stephanie Cresswell

Baby Bloomers