Hi, I'm Sarah

The idea behind the business when starting out was to free myself from corporate life and achieve the things I wanted to but within my own time and on my own terms.

When starting Dare to Dream, I wanted to help other people, like me, grow their businesses so they too could be free of the corporate world and live a more flexible lifestyle. My aim was to help them achieve this by getting the website they’ve always dreamed of and making their businesses more successful because of it; thereby contributing to their own dreams of growing their business.

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Sarah produced me a beautiful website which I am proud to promote. The whole process was slick and easy and Sarah’s knowledge of user experience shone through throughout the build and creation. You don’t often get the UX experience with every website designer you come across so this was so valuable. A pleasure to work with.

Nicole, Hope Health

More about me...

It started with “Dream Big Digital”; so that people could dream bigger and upscale their business by having a website they are proud of.

Around that time, I was watching The Greatest Showman for the millionth time and there is a lyric where Hugh Jackman sings “Just let me give you the freedom to dream and it'll wake you up” and thus, “Dare to Dream” popped into my head.

I had been watching The Greatest Showman so much because I got hooked on it after a family bereavement and I just really connected with so many of the lyrics and the sentiment of hope and dreams behind it. This worked well with my new business idea; I was fed up of seeing people struggling with their small businesses and with their websites that were doing nothing for them.

I wanted to try and give people the confidence and opportunity to “dare to dream” and have a website that actually worked for their business and increased sales, giving them more money and time to live a more flexible lifestyle. In order to get going and drive clients to me; I started off doing website audits and providing hints & tips on my instagram so that I could help people even if they couldn’t afford to use my services initially.

The rest, as they say, is history. Although I still provide lots of hints & tips for my followers and do lots of site audits; my biggest passion lies in building websites that not only look good but work!

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