I help parent entrepreneurs 

Build awesome websites that enable them to grow their business whilst allowing them to focus on more important things within their business, with the customer ALWAYS at the heart of everything I do.


The most important first step in all of your business activity should be defining who your dream customer is. Your business is, after all, for them.

Here's a FREE tool to help you do just that!

I skipped the traditional 9-5 corporate life and decided to build my own flexible working business.  


Now, I am putting 10 years of digital experience to use by helping small to medium sized parent-run businesses create outstanding business-boosting websites and digital strategies that allow them the same flexibility, location and financial freedom!

It's my mission to change the traditional corporate environment and FREE the people it traps within it by providing them with the tools to improve and scale their online businesses and enabling them to live their ideal, flexible and freedom-filled lifestyle.

So my question to you is, “are you ready for the next step, and to learn how to scale and improve your online business?" If the answer is yes, then i'm here to help... 

Hey, I'm Sarah

Do either of these sound like you?


You've had your website for a while now, but it's not performing how you'd like it to and you're ashamed to share it? 

You considered removing it from your business card altogether?

You want to improve it but have no clue where to start?


You've just started your new business and you need a new website, but you're not technical and just have no idea where to start?

You're not sure on the type of website you need.

You don't know your "domain names" from your "SEO optimisted"?

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Katie Hill, Mindful Magic

"Working with Sarah helped me to understand the user experience in so much more detail than i'd ever considered before. She worked alongside my branding support to develop my website, ensuring everything was easy to navigate and accessible for my clients. I’d recommend Sarah to anyone looking to understand how to understand their clients and their business better."

What people say

Derek Owen, PTA Events

"We recently used Sarah to carry out a comprehensive UX review of our web site and event management, e-ticketing, e-commerce, volunteer recruitment, auction and communication platform designed specifically for PTAs, charities, clubs and teams. Her report, feedback and insight have been invaluable and now form an integral part of our on-going development and platform design."

Stephanie Laird,  Baby Bloomers

"I approached Dare to Dream Digital and was immediately impressed with how Sarah just ‘got it’. She completely understood what I was aiming to achieve and transformed my website into a dynamic and user friendly retail site. I was so impressed and would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to take their digital presence to the next level."


FREE Guide:

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Learn about my secret formula for FREE.

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